Travelicious Holidays, which is presently known as Travelicious Holiday, is one of the premier travel and tourism companies in India designed to make every individual addicted to traveling and exploring new places of the world. Amidst the humdrum of life today, it often becomes tough for the common people to carry on without getting a proper break from the busy schedules. This is the reason every single person looks forward to managing some holidays from their hectic work so that the same can be utilized for going to distant lands for feasting the eyes as well as the soul. There is no better way to make the most of the holidays than traveling! And with Travelicious Holidays handy as the perfect travel partner, traveling is sure to become one of the most memorable experiences of life.

Packages in India Travelicious Holidays Private Limited

Travel is synonymous with rest and revival of own self by discovering an unknown land, meeting different people and indulging in some of the most celestial pleasures of life, which otherwise is not at possible in today’s tough life. There is hardly anyone present in this world who does not love to travel as ‘Wanderlust’ is quite a universal phenomenon. Quite evidently, there are several occasions that come in life when traveling becomes too much necessary to bounce back to life with fresh zeal and vigor. However, it often becomes too cumbersome for one to make immediate arrangements so that traveling happens smoothly without any sort of troubles during the course of the same. In such situations, Travelicious Holidays arrives as the exact one-stop solution with its customized tourism packages.

Places galore to explore with Travelicious Holidays!

At Travelicious Holidays, there are numerous tourism packages catering to any and every kind of traveling requirement of the tourists and to any corner of the world. In fact, packages are available for almost all places of India and the world in several forms in order to make sure that people with all types of budgets can enjoy within their reasonable means as well. Travelicious Holidays keeps in mind the fact traveling ought not to be constrained due to price factor and hence, personalized package facility is very much present here. In other words, there is specific honeymoon packages created with the most romantic touches along with packages to have fun during some particular occasion such Christmas carnival tour in Goa, Kumbh Mela tour, Taj Mahal tour, and the like. Plainly put, Travelicious Holidays has got tantalizing tour programs for some of the ecstatic locations of India such as Darjeeling, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Kerala, so on and so forth.

The gamut of packages that Travelicious Holiday is offering within India include broadly the North India, South India, East India and West India packages, which are again segregated to sub packages based on the destinations of travel. There are special heritage tours that are also conducted by India Travelicious Holidays across the length and breadth of the country. Apart from the inbound tours conducted by Travelicious Holiday, there are specialized corporate and group tours as well that aim at providing customized travel services completely catering to the business requirements of the corporate travelers as well as for the big groups who prefer to make the most of holidays together with friends and families rather than travelling alone. There will be Travelicious Holiday packages for every travel freak whose goal in life is to nurture and nourish this wonderful passion, which is perhaps the best of all the passions and hobbies took together.

How Travelicious Holidays stands out!

Given the kind of travel and tourism services that the people are provided with, it can easily be said that Travelicious Holidays is simply the best one to go with because of several reasons. Some of the most outstanding features of Travelicious Holidays that make this the topmost tourism and travel services are:

  • The illustrative itinerary is given by Travelicious Holidays to anyone who registers for a package that contains everything in detail so that one does not face any problem during the course of stay and travel in a certain destination.
  • The packages are flexible enough and it is not necessary that anyone should strictly follow only the mentioned scheduled packages only. Travelicious Holidays believes that traveling should be pleasant and full of freedom and hence, it gives optimum independence to the travelers to personalize the packages as per their ease and convenience.
  • Booking in Travelicious Holidays is absolutely simple and can be done online with the help of a very user-friendly interface.
  • Special care and attention are being taken by Travelicious Holidays for corporate guests and other important personalities who may be accompanied by some corporate clients.
  • Travelicious Holidays has got well-trained travel experts and guides who will make the experience of traveling, even more, overwhelming for the tourists.
  • Along with the above-mentioned services, Travelicous Holiday has got 24x7 assistance available for any kind of emergency and need at any odd hour of stay and travel. The troubleshooting and customer care services are very much effective and efficient as well so that the tourists do not have to worry too much while traveling.
  • Travelicious Holidays does all the necessary flight, train, bus and cab bookings for the travelers in the most reasonable rates but having decent services. Sometimes, food packages are also included in the packages that will leave anyone mesmerized with the tongue-tickling tastes of various cuisines of different regions.

There is no better feeling in the world than to visit as many places as possible and getting to know about the charismatic cultures that define the diversity of the world. With Travelicious Holidays, traveling gets to an extraordinary level as it has the sole goal of making traveling absolutely hassle-free so that one can forget everything else and dive deeply into the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime that can be cherished to the fullest.